Each piece is made to order. Please allow est. 2-4 weeks.

Timeless Beauty

With a vivid aesthetic philosophy, Le Sundial approaches the handcrafted jewellery tradition by interpreting its shapes, sculptural silhouettes and materials.

Le Sundial captures timeless beauty, with sensuous lines, a careful sense of proportion, and quiet detailing.
The impeccable artistry of the designs and their simplicity create a discrete signature that transcends seasons and trends.

Its studio is an uninterrupted path among all art forms, with cultured research of materials and elaborated by the most expert craftsmen of the Italian landscape.

Le Sundial stands for sustainable production, combining traditional craftsmanship and respect for a conscious purchase. Every piece is unique and made to order using natural stones and 925 solid sterling silver, that guarantee to the collection a notable yet comfortable weight designed to fit your neck and wrist perfectly.

Please note that each piece will be custom made to your order. Our jewelry are handmade by our artisans, please allow est. 2-4 weeks for shipping.